About the GSI

Things we were once sure of are no longer certain

The world around us has degenerated into chaos. Things we were once sure of are no longer certain. National structures are crumbling, whole states are toppling and falling. On a global scale, we need to adjust to new structures, new movements and a new order – or disorder. In the course of this process, we also need to adjust to new markets. This can make us feel insecure as we search for the answers to so many questions. What will our future be like? In Germany, in Europe and in the rest of the world? Wherever questions are asked, people need information and advice – not just politicians, but also companies, associations and institutions.


Competing ideas

What role will our values play as ideas compete on a global scale? Democracy, freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the rule of law, peace? How can global talks be constructive when different countries play the game by different rules? What role will religions and cultures play? Why do regions succumb to bloody civil war? Is the Cold War coming back? How powerless are the United Nations? Last but not least – what global role will Germany and Europe play in the 21st century?


Think Tank by the Rhine

The Gustav Stresemann Institute concerns itself with issues like these. Labelled the “Think Tank by the Rhine”, the Gustav Stresemann Institute (GSI) in Bonn is a leading institution which involves itself in various ways in current political debates, and is heard by the general public as a key voice.

As an institute for political education, the GSI is independent, non-profit and not tied to any one political party. The goal of the institute is clearly reflected in the preamble of its charter:

“The people of this age are faced with the task of investing all their energy in the services of procuring peace, social progress and the democratic development of society. The best way forward here is through international collaboration, transnational integration, and – particularly in Europe – cross-border cooperation in as many areas as possible.”

In order to achieve this goal, the institute collaborates with numerous partners. We continue to expand these partnerships in a strategic manner.

The GSI places issues on the agenda of political debates, engineers and furnishes a platform for discussions, organises competencies and brings experts on particular issues together to make political discourse transparent and public – and possible in the first place.

In this manner, the Gustav Stresemann Institute, supported by a non-profit society, unites classic political education with the excellent opportunities afforded by a large conference centre and a 3-star superior hotel, thus creating a platform for a political “think tank”.

It is the GSI’s ability to dovetail these three areas (politics, education, visitor conferences) which make it so unique.