The Society "Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e.V."

“The goal of the Society is to foster an awareness of political responsibility, in particular by educating young people and adults, to strengthen European unity, and to promote international cooperation. For this purpose, the Society organises educational events, supports other institutions engaged in political education work, and operates a conference centre in Bonn.”


This is the mission statement set down in the charter of the Gustav Stresemann Institute for supranational education and European cooperation. The GSI’s European Conference & Training Centre in Bonn is an independent, non-profit institution for political education. It is not affiliated to any one political party. The Society was registered with Bonn District Court on 7th March 1960.

Elected in 2014, the current members of the society’s executive board include:


  • Dr. Erik Bettermann, former director general of Deutsche Welle, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe;

Deputy Chairman

  • Dr. Franz Schoser, former managing director of the DIHK
  • Karin Kortmann, parlamentarische Staatssekretärin a.D.

Members of the society include

Download pdf version of the society´s charter