Gustav-Stresemann Institut e.V. (hereafter referred to as GSI)

Terms and Conditions of Business (Status: 02/12)

1. An event contract is to be agreed in writing, and will be considered to have been concluded when confirmation has been given that the services ordered will be provided or (where written confirmation is impossible for time reasons), these have been made available.

2. Once the optional period has elapsed, GSI reserves the right to make alternative arrangements regarding use of the seminar facilities and rooms.

3. Reserved rooms will be available to the event organiser from 2:00 pm at the latest on the day of arrival, to 9:30 am on the day of departure. After 6:00 pm, if a different arrival time has not been arranged, GSI is entitled to make alternative arrangements for reserved and made ready rooms.

4. Reserved seminar and group meeting rooms are to be available to an event organiser for one hour before a session starts and one hour after it ends. Any intended changes in these arrangements must be agreed with GSI in advance.

5. GSI reserves the right to assign suitable rooms and seminar facilities according to the number of registered participants. If specific rooms are not available for any reason, GSI agrees to provide equivalent alternatives – if necessary, at a different location.

6.1 GSI only offers the seminar room free of charge as part of full-board services throughout the period involved. Full-board services cannot be offset. A proportionate room rent shall be charged from a 25% share of day guests. The basis for this calculation will be found in the relevant current price list.

6.2 A room hire charge will be made for day events. Equipping of rooms and calculation of room hire will be based upon the number of registered participants and the resulting room size.

7.1 GSI is entitled to levy the following charges if rooms, seminar rooms, catering, and any other services ordered, are not cancelled on time: - up to 8 weeks before the date arranged: no charge - up to 4 weeks before the date arranged: 60% of charges for the services ordered - less than 4 weeks before the date arranged: 75% of charges for the services ordered Approximate statements or unclearly defined requests regarding room reservations must be clarified by 8 weeks before the event is due to begin: otherwise cancellation charges will be incurred using as a basis the upper limit previously notified.

7.2 The following special conditions apply for the cancellation or reduction of events with more than 150 participants, including overnight accommodation: - up to 12 weeks before the date arranged: no charge - up to 8 weeks before the date arranged: 45% of charges for the services ordered - up to 4 weeks before the date arranged: 60% of charges for the services ordered - less than 4 weeks before the date arranged: 75% of charges for the services ordered

7.1+7.2 No cancellation charge will be made when the number of registered participants is reduced by less than 10% within the cancellation period. The above rules apply for all reductions greater than 10%.

8. For up to 4 days before the event is due to begin, no charge will be made when the scope of special services outside full-board catering (buffets, menus etc.) and required media is reduced. From this point a charge of 75% of the services ordered will apply. GSI will endeavour to make alternative arrangements for the hire of rooms and seminar facilities that are not used. The contract partner will pay the amount (calculated according to the arrangements stated above) for the agreed contract period for the rooms, seminar facilities, and other services reserved under the terms of the contract until and unless these are transferred to a third party. The notice of any reduction or cancellation is determined by the time of the arrival of a written notice of cancellation at GSI (fax: +49-(0)228-8107-198 or e-mail: and requires written confirmation issued by GSI.

9. GSI is entitled to withdraw from a contract free of charge if it becomes apparent, following the confirmation of the contract, that the event agreed with the customer or event organiser is likely to interfere with the smooth running of business operations, or endanger the safety or reputation of GSI. This withdrawal entitlement particularly applies if GSI was not provided, when the contract was agreed, with sufficient information about the true purpose of the event by the customer or event organiser.

10. To ensure that the event runs smoothly from the viewpoint of GSI operations, the Institute must be provided with a programme and list of participants in good time before the session begins. A prerequisite for this is the return of the completed "Checklist"and a list of participants with addresses for account.

11. GSI reserves the right to alter prices for bookings made for the following year without prior notice. Prices include the legally applicable VAT rates and are to be paid in Euro.

12. If children are to be present at an event, supervision must be provided by the event organiser. Appropriate arrangements must be made in advance with GSI.

13. The admission of animals at a flat fee of 10 Euros requires the prior consent of GSI, which will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

14. Presentations and miscellaneous belongings (including personal ones) are brought into the event rooms and GSI premises at the risk of the event organiser. GSI will assume no liability for loss or damage, except in demonstrable cases of gross negligence or criminal intent. Valuables may be deposited in the safe at GSI. In this case, GSI insurance liability limitations will apply.

15. The event organiser is strictly liable for damage to equipment, fixtures and fittings of GSI. Decorative materials or other items may only be added or affixed with the consent of GSI. GSI will not assume any liability for theft or damage arising in connection with the materials or items mentioned above.

16. The organiser shall dispose of cardboard boxes and conference materials. If GSI has to effect disposal, it shall charge a flat-rate fee (from EUR 30).

17. The event organiser is not permitted to bring food and drink during the whole stay as a general rule. Exceptions to this rule must be expressly agreed with GSI, and a charge will then be made to cover overheads.

18. GSI will endeavour to prevent night time disturbances by other house guests. If disturbances occur, reductions of arranged prices are excluded.

19. As far as is possible, faults occurring in technical or other equipment provided will be dealt with immediately. Payments must not be withheld or reduced as a result of such faults.

20. Services ordered for group bookings (meals, etc.) will be charged throughout the entire period.

21. Payments for services rendered are to be made by the event organiser within 14 days following the presentation of an invoice. GSI reserves the right to charge interest on late payments.

22. The customer and the event organiser are liable as joint and several debtors.

23. Changes and additions must be made in writing. Ancillary verbal agreements will not apply.

24. Bonn is the place of jurisdiction for both parties

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