Hygiene concept

As of: 22 January 2022

We want everyone who visits the GSI or works here to feel comfortable and to be secure in the knowledge that everything is being done to avoid exposing them to the dangers of the coronavirus.

Access to GSI is subject to the “2G-Plus regulation”. Guests who have been vaccinated or have recovered are requested to present current corona test results.  This does not apply to guests who have received boosters. This applies to those attending events as well as those coming to dine in the restaurant or for overnight stays in the hotel.

In all publicly used interior rooms as well as during events, it is mandatory to wear a medical mask.  
During presentations, the speakers can remove their masks provided they adhere to the minimum distance.

Similarly, restaurant guests can certainly remove their masks when they are eating and drinking at their tables.

The GSI has created a comprehensive hygiene concept for the conference, hotel and gastronomy sectors. Work processes were restructured or adjusted in such a way that all required hygiene measures are implemented properly in practice according to the current official guidelines.

The other measures are:
Maintain social distance.
At least 1.5 m

Observe hygiene rules. Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap for at least 30 seconds. Avoid any kind of body contact with other guests and colleagues.

Air filters which filter out 99% of all viruses and germs are used in conference rooms and in the restaurant.
At all entrances, central areas, in front of the restaurant and in front of the food counter, there are disinfectant dispensers which guests and employees must utilise in order to ensure increased hand hygiene.

The reception, coffee bar and the restaurant’s serving area have been fitted with protective screens.
The routes within GSI between the entrances, conference rooms, hotel rooms and restaurant areas have been restructured such that guests can move around in the building and keep the necessary safe distances.
The rooms for workshops, seminars and conferences have been designed in such a way that the participants can move around while maintaining the necessary safe distances.

At the restaurant, food and drinks are served in such a way that guests can maintain safe distances. If need be, mealtimes can be extended in order to space out more intensive phases of use in terms of time and space. Additional rooms shall be utilised as dining rooms if need be. The dining areas are thoroughly ventilated. The spacious outdoor area can be used.

Depending on one’s wish, clients can make prior arrangements and order suitable, limited catering for their conference rooms so that potential contact with other guests is reduced to an absolute minimum.
All surfaces which the guests can come into contact with, such as door handles, handrails, surfaces, tables and chairs, are disinfected thoroughly several times a day. This also applies to trays in the restaurant.
Protective covers which can be changed shall be provided for microphones etc.

The following regulations apply to all visitors, employees and event participants:
Particularly all employees who come into direct contact with clients were familiarised with the new work requirements through training sessions.

The GSI hygiene concept is revised constantly and adapted to the respective valid regulations.
GSI is legally bound to control the adherence to corona protection rules and if need be, deny access to persons who do not adhere to these rules or demand that these visitors leave GSI.

Due to the official provisions, the regulations of the hygiene concept are a binding component of any agreement to provide services to GSI. Breach of the hygiene concept shall be handled like breach of house rules and shall result in house ban. Claims for compensation shall not arise therefrom.

Wilfried Klein
Board Manager and Head of GSI