Hygiene concept

As of: 31 January 2021

We want everyone who visits the GSI or works here to feel welcome and to be secure in the knowledge that everything possible has been done to avoid exposing them to the dangers of the coronavirus.

For this reason, the GSI has created a comprehensive hygiene concept for the conference, hotel and gastronomy sectors. Work processes will be restructured or adjusted to ensure all required hygiene measures are implemented properly in practice according to the current official requirements.

The most important measures are:

Distancing. Keep at least 1.5 metres apart.

Hygiene. Respect the rules. Regularly   and thoroughly wash your hands. At least 30 seconds, with soap. Avoid all physical contact with other guests and employees.

Wearing Medical Masks. All people entering GSI are required to wear protective medical masks to cover their mouth and nose. Air filters are used in the meeting rooms and restaurant to filter out 99% of all viruses and germ.

Additional measures we have taken:

At all entrances, central locations, in front of the restaurant and catering areas, sanitiser dispensers have been provided and must be used by guests and employees for improved hand hygiene.

The reception, coffee bar and restaurant contact areas are equipped with protective screens.

Routes inside the GSI between entrances, seminar rooms, hotel rooms and restaurant areas have been reorganised so that guests are able to keep the necessary distance while moving around the building.

The rooms for workshops, seminars and conferences have been laid out in such a way that participants can use them while maintaining the social distancing measures required by the current coronavirus protection ordinances of the state of NRW.

In the restaurant, data are collected from all guests to ensure they can be contact-traced. These are stored as per the data protection regulations and destroyed after four weeks. Food and drink is dispensed in such a way that the guests are able to maintain social distancing. The tables are the required distance apart. Only tables of up to four people are permitted in the GSI.

When needed, mealtimes will be extended to spread out periods of more extended use over a broader timeframe. Additional rooms may also be used as dining areas. The dining areas are thoroughly ventilated. The extensive outdoor area can also be used.

As desired, with prior agreement, customers can order limited, suitable catering to their seminar rooms, thus reducing contact with other guests to an absolute minimum.

All surfaces the guests come into contact with, such as door handles, railings, tables and chairs, will be subject to a special daily disinfection routine. This also applies to trays in the restaurant.

For microphones etc., protective covers have been provided and are also changed after use.
All employees wear face coverings made of cloth.

For any potential contact tracing, we will require lists of the names of all participants in conferences taking place in our building.

Alongside these required hygiene regulations, all visitors and conference participants are subject to the following additional measures:

  • Those suspected of being ill with coronavirus will be barred entry to the building.
  • If symptoms are observed that could suggest infection, entry will also be prohibited.
  • If, within the 14 days before they enter the GSI, a person has left a region or country categorised as high-risk, they may only enter the GSI if they have taken a coronavirus test and excluded the possibility of infection through appropriate quarantine measures.

Those barred from the building for the above reasons have no right to claim a refund or any other benefit.

Particularly those employees who have direct customer contact will be instructed in the new work requirements through training sessions.

The GSI hygiene concept is constantly reviewed and adjusted to the regulations in force.

Because of official requirements, the rules of the hygiene concept are a binding component of every service agreement with the GSI. Infringements of the hygiene concept will be treated as infringements of the house rules and will lead to exclusion from the premises. This will not entitle you to a refund.

Wilfried Klein
Board Manager and Head of GSI