The Hotel


Prime location

The large, peaceful park in which the Gustav Stresemann Institute is located lies in the heart of the government district of Bonn. Hence it is in the direct vicinity not only of the conference centre but also of numerous international institutions. Visitors to the institute can enjoy its close and convenient proximity to many cultural establishments and tourist attractions.

Convenient location, numerous advantages: The conference centre offers a pleasant working atmosphere, and is conveniently located for a wide range of leisure activities.




Personal service

Every year, the GSI hosts more than 2000 events, attracting some 190,000 conference visitors. More than 50,000 of these stay overnight in the wheelchair-accessible 3-star superior hotel.


© Christoph Papsch,
© Christoph Papsch,

Maximum convenience, everything close to hand

Maximum convenience, everything close to hand: All 210 single and double rooms have en suite shower and toilet, telephone, radio and TV.

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Flexible and individual

Catering can be tailored to all personal needs and requirements. Numerous leisure areas and lounges are available.


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