„Unite in Diversity: Crossing Borders and Creating the Future of Europe”

European GSI Summer School – 13.9. - 22.9.2019

The European GSI School is an annual event, organised by the Gustav-Stresemann-Institute in Bonn. Partner-institutions such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are involved and have been supporting the Summer School for many years.



Dr. Linn Selle

Chairwoman of European Movement Germany (EM Germany)

Crossing borders is sometimes a most difficult job. Which border would you abolish immediately?

Dr. Linn Selle: I would abolish inter-generational borders and allow for discussions across various age groups. This is our common European future, our common climate, our market, our safety. We need to approach challenges in solidarity – and that means for older generations to understand the demands and wishes of young Europeans. At the same time, young people need to have compassion for older generations facing a more complex world than they are used to. If we could engage with each other more, we could abolish the generation gap – a perceived border that can hinder progress and prevent us from working on common goals.

Creating the future needs priorities: What is the most important task the EU is facing in the next years?

Dr. Linn Selle: We are faced with so many global challenges, from climate change to international migration or security threats. None of these can be managed on a national level. I think the most important task is to understand that international cooperation is the only way for nations to thrive, to be safe and to stay resilient in the face of present and future conflicts and problems. We need to make sure that voters all across Europe comprehend the European and the international level and see how essential it is for them, their lives, their families, their safety and their future – even if these linkages often seem far away.



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