European GSI Summer School – 2.9. - 9.9.2023
Bonn – Luxembourg – Brussels – Bonn


Europe – whatever it takes

Europe faces a growing number of challenges. The SARS epidemic had a negative impact on the economy; the free movement of citizens and goods came to a very sudden end. The Russian war against Ukraine is a serious threat to the European security. Climate change demands fast actions. Is improving European cooperation the most promising way to respond to the multidimensional crises? The 31th Summer school is a perfect opportunity to discuss challenges as well as solutions.

The 31th European GSI Summer School is an international meeting point for students and young professionals. In 30 years many European students and young professionals had been attending the program. A lot of them built up remarkable careers as journalists, entrepreneurs, ambassadors, scientists and even as ministers for foreign affairs.


Saturday, 2nd September 2023: Bonn

Arrival of the participants
Organising, get together

Opening of the European Summer School 2023
Introduction of the team, brief presentation of the program, facts and gures, intentions and methods, The European GSI Summer School Blog

Interactive Workshop: Shaping Europe
Introduction of the participants, ideas, demands and ideals of the young generations

Workshop: The political system of the EU
Institutions and policy elds (The Parliament, The Council, The Commission, The Court, The European Council and other institutions)

Sunday, 3rd September 2023: Bonn

Whatever it takes: Security
The new role of the EU concerning military policy and international politics

Let’s have a look on European values
The impact of diversity, gender, LGBTQ+, religion on the mutual understanding of European Countries

Migration: Crossing borders, overcoming frontiers
The debate about a common policy on migration and the role of civil society

Giving Europe a home – A simulation game
Taking roles of representatives of dierent institutions in the EU, the participants initiate a common legal act in the eld of culture.

Monday, 4th September 2023: Bonn & Luxembourg

The European Union – and area of freedom, security and justice
The rules are exemplied by distinctive law cases.

Schengen an the freedom of travel
Schengen as a historical place of European cooperation

Tuesday, 5th September 2023: Luxembourg

The European Court of Justice
Presentation of the Court‘s work.

The key role of diplomacy in the heart of Europe
Preparing decisions, foster dialogue, promote understanding

The Luxemburg Story
History and development of an European capital.

Wednesday, 6th September 2023:Luxembourg

European Investment Bank
Priorities, projects and of the challenges of today

The European Court of Auditors
The guardian of the nancial interests of the European citizens. The ECA’s role as the EU’s independent external auditor.

Thursday, 7th September 2023: Brussels

The European Commission
The European Commission as the political executive of the EU; green deal/t for 55, the new tasks of security policy

The House of European History
Interactive tour through the House of European History

Talking about inuence
The position of NGO’s / Non-governmental organization in EU politics

Friday, 8th September 2023: Brussels & Bonn

Visit of the European Parliament
The implications of the election, proceedings afterwards, the tasks of the new parliament

Council of the European Union
The European Council’s role in Foreign Aairs and international relations

Farewell party with invited guests: Handing over of certicates

Saturday, 9th September 2023: Bonn

Whatever it takes: shaping Europe
The ideas, wishes, needs of the young generation. Debate on realistic scenarios, designing an international cooperation.

The European Summer Academy Blog / Evaluation of the Summer School

The view of the EU & its politics during the last 8 days, results and reection of the program.


Ariane Limbach
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Anne Schulz
Research Manager
Tel.: +49 228 8107-190

E-Mail: summerschool(at)

Regular contribution fees: 690 Euro. The participation fee covers all expenses of the program. The accommodation and catering in the conference hotel at the GSI and in the hotels in Luxembourg and Brussels are included. The travel expenses to Luxembourg and Brussels are included as well. Special conditions are offered for students or sponsored